Feeling empty doesn’t mean you are a loser.


Self-alienation refer as mental illness often confused by emptiness. But it’s not! There are numerous reason people feel empty – Life is boring because nothing good is happening, working on something so long but failed, constant fight with everyone be it friends, family or partner. Work place is so annoying and nobody cares about anything except working like a robot, constant reminder about being ugly, break-up with the one you dragged yourself from east to west, addiction of stuff which caused you bankrupt, false allegations, family drama, body shaming. There are hundred more reasons. You denied opportunity coming your way just because you started believe nothing good can be happen. But the reality is – it’s not lack of someone else’s love or attention that causes your emptiness. Inner emptiness is caused by self-abandonment – by not loving yourself. The main reason is – lack of connection with your spiritual source of love; love for yourself. YOU comes first before anybody else.

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