Virtual World War IV – The Slow Life

Oh! The miracle of advance technology did almost everything at ease but I bet nothing can make you feel really happy when you wake up fresh in the morning without hitting the snooze button of an alarm clock but it is past an hour then your regular time and after few seconds you suddenly realize it’s a ‘holiday’ and you go back to sleep. Well, slow life, slow travel, slow food are few good things in our life which we have abandoned it like a piece of unwanted thing.

We check our phones almost 50+ times a day. Be it checking on social media or taking pictures, watching videos, checking on e-mails, playing online games, etc. Practically we live “online” and our offline life is –  refraining from talking with others or talking to limited people only. All this busyness has overloaded our minds. And we walk around with this nagging sense that there’s something we forgot to do or we feel guilty when we actually do take time to do nothing. We go on living like this as if there’s nothing wrong with this system. The natural progression of humankind is to become the most efficient life form on earth. Almost many of us has categorized everything in life except ‘living a good and healthy life’.

Some anonymous feeling crawled inside my body when I started traveling and exploring places on regular basis. The feeling to connect with the nature. Once in Goa while I was busy capturing sunset at Miramar beach instead of – feel the moment, my camera caught some group of teens playing foot ball and some kids busy building sand castles. I realized we try to capture everything in camera but forget to feel the nature freshness and advance software applications in our smart phones is trying filling the gaps by keep us busy with many things and we forgot the real world exist. We all fear much to miss many things online.

I have seen village life closely, in fact the town where I brought up – Situbondo (one of the regency of East Java province, Indonesia. It is located in east end of Java. It takes 5 hours from Denpasar, Bali) is close to the beach and mountain. I have spent my childhood days playing in the paddy fields, building sand castles, catch and release fishes. After so many years when I visited Situbondo in December 2014, I was amaze to see many people are still living same lifestyle like they do in 90’s. They ain’t fool actually 🙂  The kindergarten and my mid school were same as before. Nothing change in 14 yrs except additional play area and some extra building. It was nostalgic about the good old days while walking around the town.

Living in minimalists is the basic need. But in realistic we all are sharing the same sky; the same sun and moon. So I insist – Get out of your home. Close your phone. Go for a walk. Read books. Sip on tea or coffee or wine slowly. Ride bicycle. Listen to music. Watch the burnt orange sun slowly dips down. Feel the wind touch your hair, face, body. Breathe the fresh air. Stare out into the blue ocean and feel the relaxation when your feet sink and squish into the wet sand at the edge of the waves. Let all the worries disappear for the time being. Go on a trek. Play foot ball or volley ball on the beach. Camp in the jungle. Stargaze. Believe me, it is cheaper than the medicines and therapy!

When was the last time you told your family and close friends that you loved them? Not on whats app or skype or face-time. Told them personally, face-to face? Gone those days when family or friends come home unannounced. If someone does this today, we cringed. We prefer them to call us prior. But sometimes we feel so good when we bump into each other. Our hearts filled with joy and we wish to spend more time with them but then again phone beeps and we are back to our routine. I strongly advice – before it’s too late, do spend time with family and loved ones. This one is pretty obvious, but important nonetheless. Relationships form the backbone of a purposeful life. Sharing secrets, fears, and hopes with another human is the best way to slow down and enjoy life. Advance technology satisfy our mind not the heart. You will earn millions thru instagram post or blog post but without close contact with other people, we grow into cold, lonely beings. Make time every single day to spend with loved ones, and you won’t end up with a single death-bed regret.



Published by

Shweta Lakhwani

Hola peeps! I am Shweta, Gen Y and a Travel Planner by profession. Sharing my world thru my Blog. I am also an Artisan and Foodstagrammer. Have a wonderful time reading my blog. xoxo

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