Virtual World War II – Modern Age Slavery

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Techy is refer to a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing. Technology can be a blessing but also a curse. These days, most of us are constantly connected through high speed Internet on Smart Phones and/or mobile or tablets devices. Often, when these are taken away from us, we are left feeling a bit lost — How would you feel if you left your smartphone at home and had to spend your day without it?, and Would you feel anxious if you could not use your smartphone for some reason when you wanted to do so? Smartphones have increasingly become the tool we use to navigate and organize our daily lives. From keeping our calendars, getting directions, and communicating instantly with others, to helping us answer any questions we might possibly have about the state of our world or the people in it, our dependence on devices is clearly increasing.


Every year new words are added in the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year 2013 was Selfie – a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. But one of the funniest word (literally have deep meaning though) was – Nomophobia. Coined from a term “no-mobile-phone-phobia”, such mental illness caused by technology, or lack of it. It is described, simply, as the extreme phobia or fear of being without a mobile phone or without a reception on one’s phone.


The world’s first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone. A simple portable technology discover which was clumsy that era. The two wireless device I enjoyed the most when I was a kid were walky talky and cordless phones when people used to enjoy sitting on the corner of the room talking on landlines. And now they enjoy to be wired with mobile chargers.

Mid 20th century till the end of the century, probably one of the best years. Because those years were much simpler times. If you can recall or believe, letters were actually written by hand or typed if one had a typewriter, sealed in a stamped envelope, and put in the mailbox. Days or more likely weeks later a reply letter would be received from the person to whom you had sent the letter. Telegram was another thing that era – a message sent by telegraph and then delivered in written or printed form. Which later replaced as ‘telegram messenger’ in year 2014. Glad the technology haven’t destroy the ‘post cards’ yet.

I have read this somewhere, which really moved me:

“Back then we might have worried about what would be our next “gig” (e.g., our next family get together over the holidays or our next summer vacation). Today, however, with all the gadgets in and around one’s home, we worry not only whether our bandwidth and data plans will stream enough “gigabytes” to fuel the appetites of the communication and entertainment gadgets already in our home but also whether we to upgrade to newer models of those gadgets – or even be innovators to try out some newfangled innovation now available in the marketplace.”

The huge transformation from 1G to 4G and some of us still wondering what ‘G’ in 2G, 3G, 4G stands for (Understanding the mobile networks). From LAN internet connection to ultra speed of Wireless Fidelity (we refer it as Wi-Fi) up to 100 mbps which has made the world a smaller place. An invention which has changed the face of technology. From Manual Typewriters to Personal Computers; From Floppy Drives to Cloud Drives; From Laptops to Tablets; From Landline Phones to Smart Phones; From AM/FM Radios to Shortwave Radios; From Reel Tape Recorders to Portable Cassette Players-Recorders; From Car Radios to Satellite Radios; From CD Players to DVD Players; From VHS Tapes to Blu-ray Discs; From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi; From Swing to Sling; From Letters to Emails; and From “Online” to “Last Seen” and “Offline”.

The world’s most popular social networking sites certainly have changed over the years, and they’ll undoubtedly continue to change as time moves forward. Old social networks will die (like orkut), popular ones will stick around as they’re forced to evolve, and brand new ones will appear (just watch out for fake news sites!) We’ve moved on from the days of MySpace to a social media era now dominated by Facebook and all sorts of other social mobile apps. A lot of kids even admit to using Snapchat the most, suggesting that it could be the future of where social networking is headed.


Several months back one of my friend called me and asked in shocked why I am lost these days. First I didn’t understand what she mean. Took me couple of seconds to understand what she is referring to. I was in other world. The world – away from the social media. I wasn’t purposely taking ‘social media detox’, but I was enjoying my lazy holidays at the beach. Poor reception and internet connectivity were the main reason I was away from social media and phone calls. That day I realized the importance of smart phone. No doubt I was panicked when my phone battery was drained, some problem with the mobile charger and couldn’t charge the phone with the power bank, that time I had to stop many times to ask people the way back to resort. It was funny too, because when there was no google map, we used to do the same thing – asking people for the direction and after the habit of GPS we have become introvert. I couldn’t capture the beautiful scenery on the way back but I had enjoyed a lot being so close to nature. I didn’t use zomato app / google to find the restaurant. I use paper and pen to write the places and addresses. That day I realized smart phone is just a helping hand not the important thing that we cannot survive with. It’s all in our mind.

While browsing thru internet couple of days back reading about “the blue whale challenge”  a suicide game where the player is given various tasks by an administrator over a 50-day period, ranging from isolation to self-harm and ultimately suicide. Believed to have originated in Russia and now in India, the game has allegedly claimed over a 100 lives in Russia and Europe. The alleged creator of the game, Philipp Budeikin, 21, is in prison in Russia. Ilya Sidorov, 26, believed to be an administrator of the game, has also reportedly been arrested in Moscow. The game, initially believed to have been available on the social networking site VKontakte, is said to have got its name from the popular belief that blue whales sometimes beach themselves to die. I came across where the article written about “Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction” believe it or not, I laughed until my stomach hurts. It’s not at all funny, it’s reality but we all taking it casually. I don’t know the future but I am sure more techy monsters stories are on it’s way to swallow the mankind.


Internet is full of “breaking news for technology disaster” though it have ease many things. But isn’t funny thing how people have turned the technology to the whole next unimaginable level? Sharing some links which I have saved it and really need to look upon. It’s not a joke!

1. India has had the highest number of selfie-related deaths according to new research.

2. Social Media Misuse – How Not To Use Social Media

3. Technology – A Boon or Curse to mankind?

4. 5 Signs You Need A Social Media Detox, Stat

5. Instagram most likely to cause young people to feel depressed and lonely out of major social apps, study says


Isn’t because of these amazing inventions we can stay in contact with our friends and families?? Video calling is a tap away! Imagine. Just a tap away we can see them (of-course can’t feel them, but I bet the future have more amazing invention to make it possible, the touch; the feel). International call is no more burning the hole in the pocket. From online shopping of worldwide products to bill payments, ticket bookings and much more. Google Maps to Google Earth. One tap away to search anything you are thinking of in Google. Internet has literally known as “Google” now. Youtube videos to learn cooking and many more. Staying updated with celebrity life is something many of us have dream of and Genie fulfill the wishes thru “story of the day and live videos” on Snapchat, Instagram and many more. Twitter is trending like a fire. Facebook literally has become one of the best virtual world we could asked for. A long list of good things technology have blessed us with.


…to be continued.


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