Virtual World War II – Modern Age Slavery

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Techy is refer to a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing. Technology can be a blessing but also a curse. These days, most of us are constantly connected through high speed Internet on Smart Phones and/or mobile or tablets devices. Often, when these are taken away from us, we are left feeling a bit lost — How would you feel if you left your smartphone at home and had to spend your day without it?, and Would you feel anxious if you could not use your smartphone for some reason when you wanted to do so? Smartphones have increasingly become the tool we use to navigate and organize our daily lives. From keeping our calendars, getting directions, and communicating instantly with others, to helping us answer any questions we might possibly have about the state of our world or the people in it, our dependence on devices is clearly increasing.
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Virtual World War I – The Beginning


Once a lazy afternoon back to year 2006 I was regular visiting my grand-ma home which was 10 mins walk from my home. She is my mom’s aunt, but I always call her “nanima” (grand-ma). She was in her late 80’s that time. Sitting on her fav rock chair under the tree shade while I caught myself being hooked to my phone chatting with my friends on sms (the phone back then wasn’t smart enough) and she, as usual narrating the stories about the home and school in Pakistan before Indo-Pak partition. I have heard the story dozens of times from her when I was in middle school and we were staying at her place. The stories were my lullabies that time. I was angry on her for not having any other story to share and sit quietly on stair case wishing to go back home soon, totally ignoring her. Continue reading “Virtual World War I – The Beginning”