Don’t be ashamed of your weird habit(s) (only if its not illegal :p)

How many of you have weird habits which make people surprise around you? If the habit makes you calm, not harming anything around you and more to that it brings light in your life. Don’t be ashamed to tell your habit to people. You may think they will make fun of you. But if that habit brings more good vibes in your life, why not sprinkle some more happiness around. You never know who’s going to be inspire by your silly habit.

I am a Heliomania – meaning: a person who have an intense passion for sunlight. Summer is my favourite month. I sleep under the sun every morning for good an hour. It makes me more active, more energetic and Vitamin D is essential for human body, isn’t? Heat waves kinda bake you but for me I feel good. Despite of it, I love winter too but just for some reasons only – Christmas, hot chocolates, espresso double shots and boots. I never have heart to love monsoon season though its romantic.

So what’s your weird habit that makes you charged up? Share in comments below 🙂


Published by

Shweta Lakhwani

Hola peeps! I am Shweta, Gen Y and a Travel Planner by profession. Sharing my world thru my Blog. I am also an Artisan and Foodstagrammer. Have a wonderful time reading my blog. xoxo

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