Know yourself and dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.

In one aspect, yes, I believe nothing haunts you like not living the life you’ve always wanted. Why to limit yourself just because you are scared to break the so called life rules which has set by someone else and forcing others to follow the same? Aren’t we all free souls?! You are free to do whatever you wish to do until your actions do not harm anyone around you. Create a difference 🙂

Freedom comes with the responsibility, but be brave enough to listen to your heart and take responsibility for your actions. Do learn the principles of freedom and find the courage inside you to make your dreams come true. The brutal reality is that, nothing is permanent. We born, we die but in between that phase every single day is a lesson you learn. You are free to share your emotions, your embarrassment, your bad decisions. But you should not allow yourself to give up.

In order to live the life you always wanted to, the dream life, you need to know yourself first. What you want in life? Why you want it? Just being stubborn to work at the highest paid company because you wish to make your lifestyle better without knowing how you will get it, is not all about. Well I know some people would kill for getting it done but here I am talking about doing it yourself. Make yourself proud! Being at one place you will never be able to know what you exactly want for your life. Live alone for once. Away from your friends and families. Travel alone. Spend time with yourself. It’s totally normal to talk with yourself. Work at a place where you can explore many things not just one particular thing. Try out new hobbies. Play new sports. Read / Listen / Watch different genre of books / music / movies or series. Play video games. Test your self what you can be good at. Believe me 2 years back I was not even aware I will be a poetry writer some day, I am still amateur though 🙂 Knowing yourself is always a challenge at first but who said you will learn without fall.

From 6 digits bank accounts to traveling and exploring new places to trying different amazingly delicious world cuisine to buying costliest attire to adventure jet ski to computer geek to cooking different meal to making best products from waste to living at beach house to dancing like you don’t have bones in your body to other millions things you want in life. Nothing comes easy. You need to work hard to fulfill it. But more to that you need to believe in good things happening around 🙂 You will make new friends in your journey. You’ll fall in love. You will make mistakes but you will eventually learn and understand the world better day by day. Some will back-stab you or vise-versa. Hearts will be broken. You will walk alone. You will be in tears. Sacrifices will be made. Angry speeches, swears, drama all will happen. But you will fix it anyhow because you believe in what you are doing just for the happiness of the life you are building, which you are longing for long.

We all make rule for ourselves.
It’s these rules that help define who we are.
So when we break those rules, we risk losing ourselves.
And becoming something unknown.
– Dexter Morgan
But do not ever forget, in the journey of finding yourself and living the dream life you always wish to, hang out with your parents , family and friends often. Don’t ignore them. There is no better feeling then to spend quality time with your parents and best pals 🙂

Published by

Shweta Lakhwani

Hola peeps! I am Shweta, Gen Y and a Travel Planner by profession. Sharing my world thru my Blog. I am also an Artisan and Foodstagrammer. Have a wonderful time reading my blog. xoxo

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