What can you be grateful for today?

Its little uncommon but sometimes some of us found peace in a crowd and feel trapped when we spend some quality time with ourself. Because the questions in our head keep buzzing out loud about “what next?”. Even though we know what to choose but some of the decision make us sick. We live in chaos and tend to forget what we can be grateful for instead of complaining every single time.

Be grateful that even though you are living in a mess, you are still alive, breathing and healthy. You are not starving. You are safe. You are not in hospital battling any deadly disease. The challenge is to keep mind calm. Overthinking will makes you depress. Gather all the pain and anger, transform all the energy to Positive Vibes. You are the one who responsible for the actions you do. Remember, everybody has a story. A deep dark secret may be. You are not alone. But what matter the most is, who you are now. How you juggle up in life and still making out best from it. Be Happy. Smile. We are humans and humanity is the only religion.


I may not say that troubles are just bubbles for me, because I am convinced that normal life doesn’t exist. I fought every odd to fix it. During my traveling days I always learn new things, understand better, new me born everyday that time. I meet people, listen to their stories and feel grateful that my life is better than them. They are struggling hard. No matter what the climate is it, auto rickshaw driver, bus drivers, taxi drivers, local trains doesn’t stop to cater public. The uber drivers take night shifts around the airports to get extra incomes. Labors working day and night to make the bridge, the road, the building, etc. From the road side hawkers to tea seller at the beach to farmers to fisherman’s. Every common man teach you one thing – Be grateful. Whatever is it, be grateful. You are alive and in a good health to work and earn money for yourself, for the family. Don’t give up. You will achieve your dreams one day. Work hard. Learn to fight alone. Well, if you say never listen to tittle-tattle, then a tea seller won’t be India’s Prime Minister. I feel proud the time I got my voter’s id, I voted for Narendra Modi. He inspires me! Not me but the millions out there.


Every morning I do spend some time with myself, doing nothing. Sip on my morning tonic (lemon + honey mix in warm water). Listen to chants. Admire sky, the birds. Feel the warm of sun and wind touch my face. Thank Almighty for the bright new healthy day. BREATHE IN – BREATHE OUT. This helps me to clear my head. To make my day brighter than sun shine. Doesn’t mean challenges will be easy by doing this but you will get strength to face it. Life doesn’t have manual, you need to fill the blank pages.

I never fail to pray. Wherever you are, just close your eyes and thank Almighty for every single day and you trust the Universe, what ever happen, it is happening for good. Believe me it will change your inner soul and hence you are more calm. Practice this every day. Be Grateful, Every Single Day!



Published by

Shweta Lakhwani

Hola peeps! I am Shweta, Gen Y and a Travel Planner by profession. Sharing my world thru my Blog. I am also an Artisan and Foodstagrammer. Have a wonderful time reading my blog. xoxo

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