Doctors on strike, humans are dying.


In India, today, March 24th its a day 4 since Doctors are on strike. They are demanding better security at their workplace. Patient relatives treat them like a slave and some of them crossing limits by not just threatening them but they attack them. Understand, they are one of the brave human being with some extra knowledge of how to save people, they don’t have super powers.


Members of Indian Medical Association (Maharashtra unit) have gone on a strike in support of residents doctors’ ongoing agitation. Resident doctors from Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) had gone on unapproved leave on March 20 after recent attack took place on some of them at Dhule and in Mumbai’s Sion Hospital.

New Delhi: Over 20,000 resident doctors in the national capital on Thursday went on mass casual leave in solidarity with their Maharashtra counterparts, leading to postponement of over 800 surgeries across Delhi government and civic body-run hospitals, and also left thousands of patients in the lurch with OPD functions hit.



Yes there were some doctors who had put 35 years old woman life on risk at the time of her first and second pregnancy because they all were unaware that she is allergic to some set of vegetables which cause her baby died in her womb and her life was on stake.

Yes there was a doctor who detect the allergy and explain her the whole scenario thats she is among 1 in millions who need to live 36-37 weeks on red meat, sea food and can have only potato in vegetables and bear vomiting every day if she wants to enjoy her motherhood.

Yes there was one more doctor who gave her blood pressure medicine which caused 29 weeks child died inside the womb which was her third child because the doctor in charge said he didn’t read the report properly.

Yes there was one more doctor who saved this woman life and she gave birth to a daughter after 5 years of pregnancy misery and doctors mistakes and they were just sorry and said this happens.

Yes there was one nurse who doesn’t paid attention and the woman life on stake once again because she want to offer her prayer first. The insulin was empty and blood started filling the insulin.

Yes there was one more doctor who left the surgical suture inside the wound on her back which gave the woman unbearable pain because he was too busy on his phone and said sometimes happens, we all are human after all.

Yes! This woman got her little faith back on doctors when one of the doctor saved her daughter life from 104 temperature, multiple holes in her intestine and bloated kidney because few weeks back some other doctor, who was her daughter friend father gave her wrong medicine, by mistake.

Yes! She met with one amazing doctor after so many years of worst experiences. He had saved many lives and he is not having any such degree on medical, he learns from his grand father. He treats some people for free because they don’t have money and never over charged any people till date. Never get any complain against him. Some says he is sent by God. Her faith on doctors restored.

And there was again one doctor who said he was 70 years old and take blood pressure tablet every day and advised all should take it even though its normal, just for precaution.

Well another paranoid story on doctors? Its real! But even though Angels are on disguised, God knows who are the real Angels.


I am in a position where I cannot blame the entire doctors community nor fully support the patient(s) relatives decision on threatening or attacking the doctors. Different reasons, different scenario, political and Government issues. Some doctors really taking seriously the oath they took to save mankind and some are just for the business (Trust me I have more worst, inhuman real stories of doctors and patient(s) relatives which I cannot even have guts to put it into words, it makes me wish for death!). It is like blaming on entire Patel community because of what Hardik Patel did or watching Muslim community like every single person is responsible on the making of ISIS group.

It’s HUMAN WAR. Humans against humans to save humans. To wash off dust and to survive, making the world better place to live; save the mankind, the real Angels need to take off the disguised Devils mask. Freedom cost soul damages.



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